"Virrasszatok tehát, mert nem tudjátok, mely napon jön el uratok." Mt 24:42

"De megmenekül mindenki, aki segítségül hívja az ÚR nevét, mert a Sion hegyén és Jeruzsálemben lesz a menedék az ÚR ígérete szerint, és azok menekülnek meg, akiket elhív az ÚR." Joel 2:32









Artistic depiction: two Comets colliding

“My Promise to come again will be fulfilled in the lifetime of this generation”

These Words of Jesus were given to the Last Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy, from Ireland, on the 1 May 2014. I decided to check what the scholars of the world define as the word “generation”. The definition of the word is taken from the studies of sociologists, demographers, geneticists and anthropologists. It is based upon the Matrilineal, or “Mother line” – that is the line of descent from mother to daughter. It averages about 25-30 years from the birth of a parent to the birth of a child.

So, from all calculations, the longest time for Jesus to return would be 2044. However, Jesus also said He would shorten the time and should there be a shift in the poles, as prophesied and the Earth spins faster, our day will be only 12 hours instead of 24. This too, has been revealed.

Let us consider what God has revealed to all the Prophets and Seers of the world, which clearly shows that the return of Jesus will not be in 2044, but 20 years earlier. For example:

• Pope Benedict must flee Rome, as a sign the Warning is near. He is now 88 years old and very frail.

• The Antichrist must make himself public.

• The Atomic War with Israel and Iran.

• The war with North and South Korea.

• The invasion of Italy by Russia and Communism to take over Europe.

• The war with China and America.

• The Antichrist to bring world peace.

• The Schism in the Church…

• Then the Great Warning will come.


(From Luz de Maria’s Website)

The Universal Warning will be a cosmic event unprecedented in the history of humanity, a phenomenon of unknown nature to science; according to many Seers it will be like switching on a Light from the depth of the Cosmos, that comes directly from God and that will have a great repercussion on Earth for approximately 20 minutes. It will be visible to the human eye, but it will also be an invisible force that will stir the conscience of men, causing in human beings a great emotional, psychological and spiritual shock. Nevertheless, it will not produce any direct physical damage. However, it could very well be defined as “the last effort from Heaven” so that humanity will have a clear conscience of God and of sin, broadening the spiritual dimension and understanding of the magnitude of the distance we have created from God, because of our sins.

In other words, this Universal Warning will be a great test for the conscience of humanity; it will not be, however, something that will alter the course of the catastrophic events that we must confront – rather, it will be an opportunity to change our view concerning this reality, being able to gain from it immense spiritual benefits.

This event extensively revealed by God to many of His Instruments around the world, is not actually widely publicly known, which at the same time not quite believable by others; undoubtedly the reader will ask himself why is it that something of such an enormous magnitude, remained silent? Perhaps the response is because it has not been linked either to science (because it lacks tangible elements) or to religion (because of its private revelation nature) which at the end remains solely on men of faith.

Some of the Messages given by Jesus and Blessed Mary, through Chosen Souls, all through the years, explain, or have given some knowledge in details regarding its nature and the effects that the Human Race will experience and the time in which this Great Warning of God to humanity, will occur.

It should be mentioned that this knowledge is given to Chosen Instruments in the form of internal locution, many times accompanied by Visions and also in Mystical forms, that is to say, to experience the event in its human nature – spiritual, feeling in this way the effects that the Warning will create, thus providing the knowledge of its true magnitude.

Many revelations have been known from authentic Seers regarding this Great Warning of God to humanity for some time now, but it all started with the Apparitions of Garabandal, where this subject matter has been transmitted to the five continents, having been understood in a more extensive context. Let’s see now a brief synthesis of one of the most extraordinary Marian Apparitions of history.

Garabandal is a small and humble town situated in a mountainous zone in Northern Spain, where even to this day retains the marks left by the Presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the almost 3,000 Public Apparitions, between the years 1961 and 1965, to four girls between the ages of 11 and 12 – Conchita, Jacinta, Mari Cruz and Mari Loli.

There were many Messages and Prophecies given to humanity by means of these girls; though it was the announcement of Three Great Events of universal character, that caused more impact at that time. These events have been announced by other Seers and verified in other Marian Apparitions and they are:




According to the Vision, the girls said that this chastisement will be so immense as no other has been, nor there will be on the face of the Earth. It will affect the entire mankind – for that reason the Universal Warning and the Miracle will come beforehand, to prepare us and it will be the final opportunity for conversion.

The Miracle at Garabandal will come shortly after the Warning, to confirm to the world that the Warning came from God, so there will be no doubt at all of its nature.

The following are a few comments which were made by the main Seer, Conchita Gonzalez, which at that time she was 16 years old:

That this Warning is linked to a natural phenomenon; that this name exists in the dictionary and it starts with the letter “A”.

That the Warning is something that comes directly from God and will be seen throughout the whole world at the same time.

That it will be like a revelation of our sins and it will be seen and experienced by both the believers and non-believers and by people of all religions.

That the Warning is like a cleansing of our sins in preparation for the Miracle.

That is also a type of cataclysm, which will make us think of the dead; that is to say, that we would wish to be among the dead before experiencing the Warning.

That this Warning will be a correction of the conscience of the world and for those who do not know Christ – that is those who are not Christians – will believe that it is a Warning from God.

That the most important thing of that day will be that everyone in the world will see a sign, a grace, or a chastisement within themselves. In other words: A Warning.

That they will find themselves at that moment alone in the world, no matter where you might be, you will be by yourself with your conscience in the Presence of God. You will see all your sins and what your sins have caused.

That each person will feel this event in a different way, because it will depend on the individual’s conscience – since the sins are different from one person to another.

The Warning will be linked to an Astral phenomenon, as if two Stars collided with each other; that this phenomenon will not cause physical damage, but it will frighten us, because in that precise moment we will see our souls and the damage we have done. It will feel as if we were dying, but we will not die because from it, although it is possible that we could die of fright, or from the impression of seeing ourselves and what we are internally.

These revelations given in that small village coincide with many others that have been given during a long period of time throughout the whole world, having been able to verify that said Warning, will come as the Final Warning for humanity, which will be deeply submerged in a Planetary crisis.


After the Warning, there will be a great Christian revival and not long after this, the Second Coming of Jesus. So, it will be long before 2044 in this generation.

What will it be like to be in the Warning and after the Warning? Much of what I have written is taken from the Book of Truth, given to Maria Divine Mercy – the Last Prophet.

22 November 2010: This Great warning of Mercy and Love as a last gift to My children, will happen soon. Every single one of My children will be shown their lives and their sins, their wrong doings and every single insult they were responsible for, against their brothers and sisters.

Some will be deeply shocked and saddened by their sins. Others will be so sickened and shocked by the way in which their sins will be revealed, they will drop dead. And those who follow the Deceiver, their terror, when they see their past life flash in front of them, will flee.

12 January 2011: Out of Mercy, you are being given the greatest gift of all, before Judgement Day. You will see your sins and understand immediately how they appear to Me. Instantly you will understand, clearly, how offensive they are and wrong.

28 January 2011: This Mystical Event, which will be experienced by all of My children over 7 years of age everywhere throughout the world, will take place. Those who live after this event will be more cautious about the contents of this Sacred Book.

16 April 2011Be clear that many, many souls will not survive this imminent event. Many will repent during this Mystical experience – they will feel a burning sensation. After the Warning you will experience a deep peace and joy in your soul.

20 May 2011: This New Paradise I have promised will come about when Heaven and Earth merge to become one. I will rule the Earth for 1000 years.

23 May 2011: There is nothing to fear about the Warning. It will shock many people in the world as it will be a dramatic event, where the skies will open and Flames of Mercy will shoot up across the world. For many people will not understand what is happening, so shocked will they be. They will mistakenly think that they are witnessing the end of the world.

8 June 2011: They should be made aware of what they will witness, because when they will see My Cross in the sky they must be prepared.

14 June 2011: Give them details in advance, so that when they see the red sky flare up, this is a reflection of My Mercy.

20 June 2011: My children will face Me for the first time during the Warning. I will show myself to every single man, woman and child.

22 June 2011: The Warning will prove that God exists.

3 July 2011: Atheists and scientists will say that the Warning was an illusion. This is the most important time in the history of the world. All the signs have been given to My Visionaries throughout the last century.

30 September 2011: Hardened souls will not find the Warning easy. Many will spread lies about the Warning after it takes place.

1 October 2011: The Deceiver is also preparing for the Warning.

2 October 2011: Rejoice when the sky explodes for you will know that I am coming. The Sun will begin to pulsate and spin, in the lead up to the world as it is being prepared for the Warning. My Cross will appear first; this is being given as a sign so that you can prepare your souls and ask for redemption for the sins you have committed. By doing this you will not suffer during the Warning.

When they slowly recover, many will still be unsure about what has happened. As I came, so too will Satan. I must urge you all to sprinkle your homes with holy water; have blessed candles.

3 October 2011: I will never desert you, child. That is why I am coming.

25 March 2012: Even the Warning will not convert all non believers.

26 April 2012: Those who are loyal to Me will be taken in the blink of an eye, without suffering, into the New Heaven and Earth.

24 May 2012: During the Warning, those who redeemed themselves in My Eyes will not suffer Purgatory.

Catholics must go to Confession. For those who are not Catholics, they must recite the Crusade Prayer 24 I will give to the rest of the world for My Plenary Indulgence ….


Plenary Indulgence for ABSOLUTION – [January 31, 2012 @ 9.30 p.m.]

“Oh, My Jesus, You are the light of the earth. You are the flame that touches all souls. Your Mercyand Love knows no bounds. We are not worthy of the Sacrifice You made by Your death on the Cross. Yet, we know that Your Love for us is greater than the love we hold for You. Grant us, Oh Lord, the gift of humility, so that we are deserving of Your New Kingdom. Fill us with the Holy Spirit, so we can march forth and lead Your army to proclaim the truth of Your Holy Word and prepare our brothers and sisters for the Glory of Your Second Coming on Earth. We honour You. We offer ourselves, our sorrows, our sufferings, as a gift to You to save souls. We love You, Jesus. Have Mercy on all Your children, wherever they may be. Amen.”

Your Beloved Jesus Christ

12 June 2012: The test of an authentic Prophet lies in the prayers given to them for humanity.

20 June 2012: I can, with My Son, give you the Graces and the Circle of Protection which no fallen angel can penetrate.

17 July 2012: Once the Warning takes place, there will be much confusion. People everywhere will be humbled in a way which is out of character. Many will be too distressed to go back to their place of work immediately.

People in powerful positions in governments, will question their laws. Those murderers and criminals among your communities, will feel a terrible sorrow and despair, but many will atone for their sins.

Many parents will need to instill in their children over the age of 7 years, the importance of prayer and repentance. Parents, you have a duty to teach your children the truth. Ensure that you keep holy water and a Benedictine Cross.

23 August 2012: I will grant immunity from the gates of Hell to those souls for whom you pray.

20 February 2013: This Great Illumination of Conscience will take place after My Holy Vicar has left Rome.

6 April 2013: The Stars will soon change and the time for the Comet to appear – of which I spoke when people will believe, when there are two Suns – is close. There will be heard the sound of thunder and it will seem that the two Suns will collide. A quiet calm will descend over the Earth and the stillness will be deafening.

No sound will be heard, only the sound of My Voice. All will remain still for 15 minutes.

26 April 2013: The Antichrist will be from the East not the West.

9 June 2013:When the New Jerusalem comes down upon the world to the sound of trumpets, the lights will fill the skies and all will be silent.

24 August 2013: This war will not just be a spiritual one. The Earth will be rocked, split and the fire will burn it as My Father inflicts punishments, so that He can delay the actions of the evil group.

28 August 2013: On the Last Day when the dawn breaks, a loud sound of the trumpet will be heard all over the world. The skies will turn gold and soon after, a Miracle will be seen by every man, woman and child.

26 October 2013: The Great Day will dawn and soon the World without End, will begin.

20 November, 2013: When I come as the King of Mercy, not one soul will be left in any doubt as to Who I Am and What I Am.

22 December 2013: By the Miracle of the Illumination of Conscience, My Son will bring Joy, Hope and Love to the world.

9 March 2014: After the Warning, will come a great desire to give Glory to God. What a joy the Warning will be for many people, as it will bring with it the Proof of My Son’s Existence.

21 April 2014: The beginning and the end of the world will become one.

13 May 2014: The sky will be darkened for three days immediately before I return. I will arrive suddenly to the sound of trumpets and the sweet sound of the Choir of Angels. The sky will be darkened for three days, then it will be alight in a multitude of colours never seen by man before. I will be visible to every man, woman and child of every age and there will be a great shock, but also great excitement.

God’s Mercy will be so great, even in the last hour. He will forgive them (as these are my own words from Jesus).


Here now are visions from other Seers of the Warning. Jesus and Our Holy Mother have said that it will last for about 15 minutes, where everything in the world will stop. No electricity – even planes will be frozen in motion in the sky.

We are to have food, canned; dried food, water, blankets, gas for cooking (or wood and coal), purifying tablets for the water and have our medicines stocked. Have Blessed candles and Holy Sacramentals on you, in your homes and on your doors and windows.

Remember this, during the 15 minutes of the Warning, God will speak to you. He will show you your state of soul – as if you died at this moment. Then there will be Three Days of Darkness. There will be total silence during this time.

Pray! If you hear voices outside your home calling for your help, do nothing, as it will be the demons; they will be everywhere, that is why you must stay in your homes. Trust in God’s Love and Protection and be not afraid.

On the third day the Sun will be out and when you venture outside there will be much destruction. There will be many dead, but all will be enlightened to know who God is and the Saviour Jesus Christ. All faiths will know the Truth.

The world will wake up in shock, but all the children of God will be excited, for finally what they preached and believed, that Jesus Christ is the only True God, has been confirmed by the Warning.

The world will slowly recover. Men will evangelise all over the world and a very short period of peace will be granted to the world. Communication will be reduced as satellites will be down. Food will be short and hundreds of millions would have died. Infrastructure would have broken down. There will be confusion as many of the laws inflicted upon mankind will seem wrong. Hospitals will be overflowing.

Here now are the visions from other Seers:

Bayside – 2 June 1976:Our Lady:“There will be a tremendous explosion and the sky shall roll back like a scroll. This force shall go within the very core of the human. He will understand his offences to his God.

The flash and the great heat

There will be a revolution in Rome and the Pope will flee. A Comet – a part will hit the Sun. A gigantic explosion will shake the Earth.

Those who are in the state of Grace will pass through the Warning without suffering”

Our Lady says:“The flash-fire and voice within. Beware of the sunrise. Do not look up to the sky. Close your windows, draw your shades. Do not venture outside or you will not return.”

“Do not seek to receive your animals into your homes, they will be taken care of.”

“A Great Miracle will follow the Warning.”

(The Antichrist will come out of Egypt)

Garabandal Seers: The Great Miracle – Thursday, 8.30 in the evening. Between the 8th and 16th of March – April or May. It will coincide with a great Ecclesiastical event in the Church. It will be on the Feast of a young Martyr. It will last 15 minutes and will be seen in the sky.

The miracle will occur within 12 months after the Warning

Luz De Maria: 28 September 2017 – During the Warning, every human creature will confront their sins. They will see their whole life with its strengths and failures. It will seem like an endless time, because of the great suffering that you will experience.

Even once the Warning has passed, I will find human creatures who will rebel.

26 March 2016: Beloved children, with the instance comes the collapse of two Heavenly bodies.

22 November 2014: In an instant everything will stop. Man will see himself completely exposed.

28 April 2012: I will tear the veil of ignominy and Daniel with the Warning. Everyone will be in My Presence in life and will see themselves without masks. Every man will know that God exists.

Pedro Regis, Brazil, 1987: The Calvary of humanity will begin on a Friday. God will show a great sign and mankind will have no explanation. The worldwide Warning will come upon all mankind, starting on a Friday.

Blessed Anna Taigi: A great purification will come upon the world preceded by an Illumination of Conscience, in which everyone will see themselves as God sees them.

Christine Gallagher, October 2012:The Illumination and the Third World War will soon be upon you. My Mercy will flow unto the world – but Justice shall also reign.

My dearest children, you who have responded to live by My Word – do not be sad or frightened. You will be in the light and safety of My Mother’s Heart. The entire world will experience the darkened night which will last for a number of nights.

Lily of the Holy Face of Jesus – 18 June 2016: It is quickly said that the Warning will come down upon the people of Earth and nothing will escape the light that brings everything to the surface.

November 2016, (Maria Mystical Rose):Children, many, many souls will be lost when the day of the Warning comes. Only children will be exempt from the passage through Eternity – babies and children under the age of seven will remain asleep for the duration of the Warning.

Charlie Johnson: During the time of the rescue, there will be a miraculous visible sign that everyone in the world will see. It will be the triumph of Our Lady.

Messages of William Costellia – 13 December 2016: The reflection of the second Sun is a large Comet, which is approaching Earth and this will become the second Sun – the second Sun, which will form part of the Great Warning – but the large Asteroids will collide with this large Comet. The poles will shift, the Sun will eject a major flare.


(Writings of William Costellia – 18 June 2015)

During the evening as I woke up; Jesus came and spoke to me about the Warning. He told me He wishes His children to know these special actions of God’s intervention of the Warning. People may wonder what will happen to those people who know nothing about God’s Gift. God is most merciful to every soul who is not aware of what is going on. When the Great Darkness of Three Days comes, their Guardian Angel will bring a candle and take that soul to a “Safe Haven”, for the White Cross in the sky will illuminate their soul.

Each soul will experience Purgatory, dependent upon the State of Grace that soul is in. Time will stop for fifteen minutes while God’s Spirit opens-up man’s conscience. It will be a Mini-Judgement and each person over the age of reason will see, that if he died at that moment, where he would live eternally from then. Some would go to Heaven and will experience a glimpse of Heaven, as a reward for their faith-filled lives. Those who still have sins to expiate will experience the level in Purgatory where they would go, but would be given a glimpse of hope. They would be told the length of stay in Purgatory before they go to Heaven.

Then there are those persons who would see themselves lost in Hell; they will experience Hell and be tormented by the demons; they would be shown the very caves/cells they would be chained in for eternity. But it is God’s Mercy that now gives them one more chance to change their lives, repent of their sinful lives and make reparation for the rest of their lives, until Christ Returns.

After mankind witness the spectacle in the sky and become infused with God’s Knowledge of the state of their souls, darkness will fall over the whole Earth for three days. During this time both Hell and Purgatory will also go into darkness.

Men of goodwill, will have nothing to fear, for the Blessed candles must then be lit and the Guardian Angels will become visible to them and prayers are to be said constantly, asking God for Mercy for mankind. Many souls will be called to God during this time – over sixty-million persons will die. Many evil-doers will die a horrible death and will be thrown into the Abyss.

Many households will not be prepared for this event, but God will be merciful to those of goodwill, and the Angels will be sent to them with a Blessed candle, food and water – for God is merciful.

All the Mystics, Prophets, Seers and Visionaries will go into ecstasy and be enveloped by the Spirit of God in a Pillar of Light and given instructions to prepare them to guide the Remnant Church after, when all things will return to normal in the world.

The Chair of Peter will be empty after the Warning for a short time.

The Truth will be revealed to the Remnant Church – the Priests and Hierarchy of every Church – and will be told who to follow after the Warning.

Concerning the little children under the age of reason – they will be in a deep sleep during the Three Days of the Warning.

The Warning will be the most severe upon souls in authority, as God will exact much from them after the Warning – correcting the laws that govern their countries.

There will be peace after the Warning until the Great Miracle is given, where the Mother of God will appear to the whole world as the final Act of Mercy for mankind.

As the whole world will be Christian for but a short time, the final evangelization will be given before the Antichrist has once again convinced the world, that the Warning was only a sign to prepare mankind for the Second Coming of the Messiah, which he will claim to be himself, as he will encourage all to join his new One World Religion. Then will come the Final Persecution of Christians and the End of Time will then arrive, with Jesus’ Second Coming, with the arrival of the Second Three Days of Darkness – where the Remnant Church will be raptured.

The Antichrist will be thrust down to Hell and the world will be cleansed and mankind returned to Earth in Jesus’ Second Coming. All of this Jesus told me and locked it in my mind and said it would be unlocked once I prayed and asked the Angels. Saint Uriel, the Archangel, Saint Gabrielultis and Saint Menoloutis, were the three Angels that helped me to write this.


Please dear souls of God. There are many, many Messages available about the Warning. You can read them on various links and websites. Prepare while you can as it could happen any day.

Wishing you all a very Blessed Christmas in 2017 and may 2018 bring you Peace and Happiness.

God Bless

William Costellia








On 21 August 2016, the image depicted here portrays a vision received by the Little Pebble while he was at Mass.On 21 August 2016, the image depicted here portrays a vision received by the Little Pebble while he was at Mass.





Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians crying tearsOur Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians crying tears





Popes and Antipopes

Are Anti-Popes anything new in the Catholic Church? Who then is the True Pope?`

So what is an Anti Pope? He is a Bishop who claims to be the Pope, but was not canonically elected as Bishop of Rome – Supreme Pontiff. There have been some forty (40) Anti-Popes in the history of the Church – sometimes more than two (2) Popes elected by different factions of the Church. It is important to know that the Church has produced ninety-seven (97) Popes who were Canonized Saints and even some of them were also Anti-Popes.

The history of the Church is one of the most interesting studies of history in world affairs you will ever make. The politics and reigns of various Kings, Rulers and Governments have played a major role in choosing the Popes over a two thousand (2,000) year history of Holy Mother Church. However, it is to be noted that in spite of Anti-Popes and bad Popes, the Teachings of the Church never erred, nor were any Dogmatic Teachings ever given during the reign of any bad Pope or Anti-Pope.

God’s Promise to the Church remains to this day: “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18.

St. Constantine, the Emperor of the Roman Empire, was the leader who protected the Christian Church and stopped the persecution of the Church. He built Churches and even brought forth the first prayers of the Apostle’s Creed.

The Catholic Church now had ten thousand (10,000) Canonised Saints. This reflects how the Church survived, regardless of the Anti-Popes.

In the early Church of the first two (2) centuries, the Christian Church was persecuted, starting with Emperor Nero, where St. Peter, the First Pope and St Paul, were killed. Then came the Emperor Diocletian.

In the year 303, an edict was issued against Christians. It was in the years from 217 to 235, the first Anti-Pope appeared. He was St. Hippolytus; at the same time St. Callistus – Pope 217-222 was elected. The Schism of Monarchian was enacted. Monarchian is the argument of the Three Divine persons in One God. The problem was that it was not believed, but that there were three Gods.

The Emperor, MaximinThrax exiled both Hippolytus and Pope St. Pontian to Sardinia, where they were reconciled; both abdicated.

In 312, the Emperor, Constantine, made Christianity the official Religion in Rome. It was, however, Emperor Galerius who stopped the persecution of Christians after Emperor, Diocletian died. However, Anti-Pope Heraclius, reigned during this time – 309.

In 410, the invasion of Rome by the Goths and other Barbarians, brought forth the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. The Emperor Valens, was killed during this time. Anti-Pope Felix II – 355-365 and Anti-Pope Ursinus – 366-367, were elected. It is to be noted the Vatican States existed then, organised by the Emperors. The Germanic clans and vandals and the Huns themselves, sacked Rome. St. Augustine reigned then – his teachings were a threat to the invaders.

At this time the Church was well divided between the Arians, the Traditores and those who followed Donatus – perfectionists; all became Apostates. Then came Pelagius and other heretical teachings.

Then you had Anti-Pope Eulatius – 418-419. Then Anti-Pope Laurantius – 498-505. Then come the next trials for Christendom, namely the doctrine if Islam – 570-632. Islam conquered all of the Middle East up to taking over Portugal and Spain around 718. However, within the Catholic world you have Pope Theodore – 687, Pope Paschal – 687, elected as Anti-Popes.

However in 732, as the Islamic forces invaded France, the Christian forces won and pushed them back. Then in the years that followed, Anti-Pope – 767-769 Constantine, 768 Philip, 844 John came to be –

The Islamic forces invade Italy, ransack Rome and the Vatican – 846. Anti-Pope Anastasius 855, supported by Frankish Armies, tried to become Pope, going against lawful Pope Benedict III – 855-858.

Then the Christian Crusades began under Pope Urban II – 1095. Before this Anti-Pope Christopher was elected 903-904, then Anti-Pope Boniface VII – 984-985; he was elected twice. He had the lawful Benedict VI – 973-974 murdered; he seized Rome, then Pope John XVI was elected – 983-984, but had him murdered and installed himself.

It was called the Medieval time. The Jews were hated the most in Europe. Crops failed; the plague struck.

Pope John XII – 955-964, became Pope at eighteen (18) He was lazy; he invoked demons; murdered and mutilated men and turned Papal Palaces into whore houses. He committed adultery with many women in their early twenties (20’s) – in bed with married women.

Pope Stephen VI – 896-897 wanted revenge on his predecessor. He ordered the previous Pope to be exhumed, had a mock-court hearing to try him for his crime. Later Pope Stephen was placed in the dungeon and was strangled.

The in 997-998 Anti-Pope John XVI was elected. Then in 1012 Anti-Pope Gregory. Pope Eugene III in 1099 called for another Crusade. St Bernard was horrified at the slaughter of men, women and children, Muslims and Jews, by Christian soldiers.

Then in 1045, Sylvester III, Anti-Pope.

Pope Benedict IX – 1032-1048 – inherited the title Pope, since he was the nephew of two Popes. He was only twenty (20) – cruel and immoral, he raped, murdered and was into bestiality.

Then 1058-1059 Anti-Pope Benedict X.

1061-1064 Anti-Pope Honorius II

1080 & 1084-1100 Anti-Pope Clement III

1100-1101 Anti-Pope Theodoric

1101 Anti-Pope Adalbert

1105-1111 Anti-Pope Sylvester IV

In 1215 the Catholic Church was able to recapture Spain and Portugal from the Muslims and Jews.

1118-1121 Gregory VIII Anti-Pope

1124 Anti-Pope Celestine II

1130-1138 Anacletus II, Anti-Pope

1138 Anti-Pope Victor IV (Gregorio Conti)

1159-1164 Anti-Pope Victor IV (Ottavio di Montecelio) between 1159-1180 where the Holy Roman Empire existed, the Emperor Frederick was quarrelling with Pope Alexander I who was the True Pope – 1159-1181.

1164-1168 Anti-Pope Paschal III, then 1168-1178, Anti-Pope Callistus III.

1179-1180 Anti-Pope Innocent III

Within the years from 800 to 1806, the Holy Roman Empire was formed enclosing most of Europe, with a Crown Emperor by the Pope. However, many of the Emperors would use their power to influence the elections of the Popes.

1328-1330 Anti-Pope by the Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV, because of a quarrel with the True Pope, John XXII – 1316-1334.

Then came Anti-Pope Clement VII – 1378-1394 to oppose the True Pope, Urban VI – 1378-1389 – it precipitated the Western Schism of 1378-1415.

1415 – Then with the corruption within the Church, reformers began to appear, namely Jan Hus, who was burnt at the stake.

But it was in 1431, St Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake due to the wars between England and France.

The idea of witches, warlocks, spells and cures began to circulate during this time, which were the lead-up to the witch hunts in the prelude to the Reformation and the Spanish Inquisition. Coupled with this you had many Schisms in the Church, which drew people to both sides of the fence of the True Popes and the Anti-Popes. E.g.: Arianism then the Nestorian Schism; then you had the East and Western Schism.

The difference between the two groups: The right of the clergy to get married and the heresy was they divided the Trinity between the Three Divine Persons as three Gods.

In 1054 the Schism between West and East became official. The Anti-Popes were once again elected:

1394-1423 – Benedict XIII

1049-1410 – Alexander V

1410-1415 – John XXIII

1423-1429 – Clement VIII

1425-1430 – Benedict XIV

From 1309, the Papacy was transferred to Avignon and in the French Court and the Papacy were swarms of prostitutes on the Papal beds, adultery, seduction, rape, incest; orgies, wives stolen or virgins deflowered. Wives and women were sold for gold. From 1314, six successive Popes reigned from Avignon, France.

The division in the Church grew when Popes were elected in France and in Rome. Four Anti-Popes were elected in France. At that time there were three Popes elected – one of these Anti-Popes was Pope John XXIII in 1413.

Pope Clement VI in Avignon, was at the time of the Black Death 1347-1350.

1439-1449 – Felix V, after deposing Eugene IV – 1431-1447. In 1439 the Schismatic Council of Basle elected Pope Amadeus VIII – 1391-1440. However Felix, Anti-Pope, submitted to the lawful Pope, Nicholas died – 1451.

It is to be noted during the many years of various Kings, Popes and Anti-Popes, the Inquisition began to set up in the thirteenth century. It then followed to Italy, then Spain and Portugal. These were enhanced during the fifteenth century, during the Reformation.

The Spanish Inquisition was atrocious, as men, women and children were placed in prison and tortured for mostly nothing – by hearsay – sanctioned by Kings and Popes.

1455-1458 – The Borgia family begins. Pope Callixtus III entertain the Crusades against the Ottoman Turkish Empire.

1484 Pope Innocent VIII said the Practice of Priests having Mistresses or being married was not forbidden, as the number of prostitutes living in Rome were some six-thousand-eight-hundred (6,800). He himself had two (2) sons and fathered one hundred (100) children.

1492 – Pope Alexander VI – Family Borgia.

The Moors were driven out of Spain. Columbus found the U.S.A.

The Pope allowed enslavement, due to the Colonialism of the new world. He had mistresses – murdered – he bought the Conclave to elect him Pope. His daughter, Luorezia, had a relationship with her brother and her father the Pope.

Pope Pius III, Alexander’s Successor, only lasted twenty-six (26) days, then Pope Julius III. He also had a daughter – 1503.

1500 – The German Monk, Martin Luther, began the Reformation. He was excommunicated. The 500 year anniversary is celebrated today People judge him harshly because he attacked the Church, but he had justification as the Church was selling indulgences to clean one’s sins and save their souls. Also about the hypocrisy of celibacy, when in fact the Pope had mistresses and fornicated, and even had incest with his daughter. It would not surprise me that he now is a Saint in Heaven.

1513 – The Medici Family: Bankers got control of the Papacy, Pope Leo X.

1517 – Martin Luther began to oppose Pope Leo X.

King Henry VIII in 1521 began his own Reformation at the time when Pope Clement VII ruled. Even though he defended the Pope and the Church, his decision to make himself the Head of the Church of England was no big deal. The Pope should have annulled the first Marriage, because the marriages of the Royal Houses – concerning the political power struggles – were not true marriages. However, King Henry VIII’s greatest crime was that he murdered his Queens and countless other persons, as to where he is before God, only God knows. But in this whole situation, the Papacy and the church were corrupt.

In 1618, the thirty (30) year war began in Europe. Great Thinkers like Isaac Newton, were then around. During the time of the Dark Ages God raised many Saints, like St. Francis and St. Dominic, to reform the corrupt Church.

It was in the sixteenth (16th) century Christian Europe was much divided by Catholics and Protestants and Papal control with Christian Kings dividing the Western World.

During all these moments when the Church went through great trials, God raised Holy men and women and in most cases came from the poor – very rarely from the Priesthood, or those in power and yet if they raised their heads, they would be martyred, like St. Thomas Moore, defender of the faith, and Bishop Fisher.

When we come to Heaven and the New Holy Era, we will all know the true history of the Church and the world – and all the hidden heroes of God will be known.

Pope Clement VII – 1423-1534, known as “flip-flop”

Pope Leo X – 1513-1521, encouraged worshippers to pay monies for their sins – Indulgences were given. He was there at the time when the Reformation was strong.

Pope Julius – 1503-1513, had several mistresses; three daughters. He committed sodomy. He was the Pope who ordered the painting of the Sistine Chapel by Michael Angelo.

You come across the dividing of the rest of the world by them the conquering nations, like Spain, Portugal, France, England, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, where colonies were established. The Great Nations plundered, raped, killed and enslaved the rest of the world in the Name of Christ, supported by Christian Kings and the Popes.

The Popes from 1860 became Holy. In 1860 Pope Pius IX convened the First Vatican Council. In 1870, the Papal States were no more other than the Vatican State, as Italy became one nation.

The twentieth century brought with it that every Pope till John Paul II, were Saints – with Benedict XVI being the last True Pope – also a very Saintly man.

Leaving Pope Francis questionable as to how he became Pope of the twenty-first century, and what was behind Pope Benedict’s Resignation – could it have been a reflection of the times of the Dark Ages of the Papacy.

The nineteenth century produced the hundred year wars, with Napoleon being the main Arbitrator, making himself Emperor and finally Pope – imprisoning the Pope. Two great world wars and many other wars. A century of change on every level.

Now in the twenty-first century we are waiting for the Second Coming of the Messiah with the heralding of the New Golden Age; the Book of Revelation unfolding with the last Anti- Pope on the Throne of Peter, namely Pope Francis and the Last Pope yet to come, Pope Peter II or Petrus Romanus, who will guide the Church in the final hour and persecution by the last Antichrist, who will seat himself upon the Throne of Peter and proclaim himself as God.

Yet, we are to believe that the twentieth and nineteenth century did not bring with it tyrants in world power play and huge abuses in the Church, even under the leaderships this time of great men of the cloth?

So why do we think Pope Francis is an Anti-Pope? First, he supports liberal theology; over the years the popes of the past have spoken against liberal theology, namely the teaching of Hans Kung and Teilhard de Chardin – both theologians, condemned by the Church, yet used by Pope Francis as good teachers. Pope Francis is leading the Church into the greatest crisis in her history. Pope Francis is a humanist – believes in socialism and teaches as an encyclical, the environment. Little, if any, does he teach about sin, about Hell or even Heaven.

Pope Francis, who seems to love the poor in showing the world he is a good man of the Gospel. However, this is to mislead the Church and the world – as his teachings about Christ and His Holy Mother.

Let’s take into consideration as to why Pope Francis may be the last Anti-Pope of history.

[See website of Kelly Bowring – Two Hearts Press: http://twoheartspress.com/]

William Costellia Message 674 – 1 February 2013:

[See full Message: http://littlepebble.org/2013/02/01/message-674-1-february-2013/]

[“Evil is perpetrated in the Holy City of the Vatican, behind closed doors – just as they once murdered Saint Thomas a’ Becket (England). The Evil Sects, established well and entrenched in every corner of the Church, had also murdered the Popes of the century gone by; namely, Pope John Paul II, John Paul I, Paul VI and John XXIII, as they had stumbled on the truth of the Freemasons, and the Illuminarians working freely as Cardinals, Bishops and Priests undermining every move the Holy Popes were trying to fulfil. Judases have always been in the Church from the time I started My Ministry in Public on Earth.”]

[“All these hideous sacrilegious acts of murder and grossness conducted in secret in Holy Places, even sexual depravity and corruption – abomination upon abomination – in God’s Holy Sanctuary. My children, if I were to reveal and show you all these sacrilegious acts being perpetrated by Satan and his agents, you would die in horror. Men have fallen so low; it was the crimes of this nature and the others which brought on the floods of Noah’s time, but men have become far worse.”]

William Costellia Message 675 – 15 February 2013:

[See full Message: http://littlepebble.org/2013/02/15/message-675-15-february-2013/]

[JESUS:“Trust in Me, My children, as I will guide you through these most turbulent times of the tribulation. Remember these Words: even though Pope Benedict has been forced to step down, while he lives, he remains the True Pope. The time will come when Benedict will flee to a foreign land – and this will be your sign that the Great Warning of My Mercy will be witnessed, but the road to Calvary has commenced. I will send many signs to mankind so that they will realise that God truly exists. Continue with your prayers, My children; wear your protective armour with the many Sacramentals Heaven has given you – and nurture your souls and bodies with My Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in My Holy Eucharistic Bread of Life.”]

See MDM Message – 16 February 2013:

[The Schism within the Catholic Church, as foretold, will now be witnessed, for all the world to see. The departure of My dearly beloved Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, marks the beginning of the end.]

See MDM Message — 19 February 2013:

[My Vicar, appointed by Me, Jesus Christ, to rule over My Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, has been viciously ousted]


See Enoch website: www.mensajesdelbuenpastorenoc.org


20 February  2013 – 7:55 A.M.


[“This says the Lord: With the resignation of My Vicar will begin the purification days of My Church. The Peter’s Chair becomes vacant thus beginning all that is written about My Church in these end times. The time of My adversary and his wicked emissaries is about to start; where the carcass is, there the vultures will gather. My Church will begin her sorrowful Calvary; Calvary needed for a new church to be reborn and strengthened in faith, full of Spirit’s Charisma – totally given to the service of My people. Humility, charity, poverty and first of all love will be the slogan of My New Church.”]

So my dear people of God, it is always important to study about your faith and to understand what a great miracle it has been that the Church has survived and not to sit on judgement about our separate Christians, who were able to maintain their Christian beliefs in spite of the great divisions within Christendom, since the early centuries. Because this was due to bad popes, corrupt Kings and leaders in the world and evil governments.

This century will see the re-unification of the Christian world and the integration of all faiths into the Christian world, as we gather together as one Church, waiting for the return of Christ Jesus.

The purpose of this chronological appraisal of the Popes of history was to show you that Pope Francis was not elected in truth, but it was orchestrated by the freemasons, who ousted the True Pope, Pope Benedict XVI. The Seat of Peter will soon be empty and the Antichrist will seat himself upon the Throne of Peter proclaiming himself as God.

The Seat of Peter will be moved to another land once Pope Francis and Pope Benedict are removed.

St. Peter and St. Paul will designate the Last Pope for the Church after the Great Warning.

Long Reign Christ Our Saviour in His Mystical Body, the Church.

His Servant

William John Baptist Costellia





Message 757 – 1 October 2017



The battle for souls has begun in a grand way; God’s Mercy is coming to a close, replacing it with His Justice – You vipers who plunder My Church, what will you do when I return to expose you? – Where are the Leaders who preach My Truth? Is sin ever mentioned? What about Hell, Purgatory? – The Schism in My Church is very pronounced – Seek Me out in Confession and the Sacraments; cleanse your souls before you partake of My Eucharist – The Great War is at your door and all types of calamities of nature – Russia will be used by God to whip and scourge mankind; Nations annihilated; the Seat of Peter overthrown.

WILLIAM: Jesus came dressed as a Warrior. He wore His tunic, white in colour and there was a sash over His Shoulder to the Midriff, where there was a sword in its holster. On His Head was a three point Crown with a green emerald stone on the front of it and has a bow of gold over the Crown as part of the Crown, with the letter “M” with a cross through it.

On the right Hand of Jesus, I notice a ring with a red sapphire. This is the first time I have seen Jesus wear a ring. Behind Jesus, there were millions of Angels holding swords. Jesus Blessed me and said:

OUR LORD: “My beloved son, Our Angel of Divine Love, William: Today I, with My Heavenly Hosts, are ready for a great battle to rescue My children. I will place My Word in you son and you will remember It when you pray and ask your Angel to unlock it. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Then Jesus left.

My Holy Messenger Angel, Saint Sacramessugus, is the Angel God gave me many years ago, who is like Saint Gabriel. He transmits God’s Word. He stands before me now and his armoured- plated chest has fifteen (15) stars on it and from the centre one, a light beams out into my mind and unlocks God’s Word.

OUR LORD:“Once again I greet you, My beloved Prophet-son of the End Times!”

“The great battle for souls has begun in a grand way, as time is very short and the time for God’s Mercy is coming to a close, replacing it with God’s Justice – which is also Holy. But in spite of God’s Anger towards mankind, His Loving Embrace for His Prodigal children, will always remain.”

“My children, how My Heart aches as does My Co-Redeemer, My Beloved Mother. What are you doing, My children, allowing all manner of licentiousness, corruption and sin to reduce your dignified state, created by My Father? Your egoistic existence cries out to Heaven, as you reduce your habit as swine and vermin, allowing the destruction of your families, your children and your very souls. You have listened to the vile promises of your enemy, Satan, as he offers you all types of enticements, pleasures of the flesh, power to control your brothers and sisters, placing heavy burdens upon yourselves. You follow like the Pied Piper of the story, following like sheep to your own destruction.”

“My Church upon Earth is like the Temple of Old, where they sell their wares as if in a Market Place – yet spend little or no time adorning their souls with Virtues and Graces given to them freely, from My Most Sacred Heart.”

“Every day My Priest sons abort the truth in My Divine Teachings and replace them with novelties – even changing My Own Word. You vipers who plunder My Church, who destroy all that is Holy and good – who mislead My sheep, yet preach love. You corrupt the little souls who seek Me out. What will you do when I return to expose you?”

“Where are the leaders and teachers who preach My Truth? Is sin ever mentioned, or are all saved without repentance? Why are you not teaching My flock about Hell – about Purgatory? Have these Teachings been abnegated?”

“The Schism in My House is already very pronounced, but soon it will be seen in its entirety when those who lead, will be smitten by My Hand. As for the pure and innocent of heart – [they] never need to fear My Father’s Wrath, for they are always protected by My Holy Mother.”

“Repentance is what I seek now more than ever to correct the conscience of the Church. My people, seek Me out in Confession and the Sacraments, as you must cleanse your souls before you come to partake of My Eucharistic Presence within your hearts.”

“My children, I know you are heavily oppressed by the evil that is not only rampant in the world – it is deeply entrenched well within the bosom of My Church. Where possible, try to receive Me Eucharistically on the tongue and where possible from the Priest. I know very well how the Priests have relegated themselves, giving the responsibility to the laity to give out My Sacred Presence. They will pay dearly for this Sacrilegious abuse.”

“Children, I know your anxiety concerning the reception of My Sacredness. You are not blame-worthy. Should you have no alternative, but to receive Me on the hand, then call on the Angels to place their hands over yours. However, even in this case, receive Me on the tongue. As for receiving Me by drinking from the Chalice: Do not, My children – this is only permitted on rare occasions. There will be many more abuses yet to be introduced by the Hierarchy, as most have fallen into darkness and most are heading towards the Abyss, of which they do not believe.”

“Children, the hourglass is empty and the tribulations are falling upon man. The 100th Anniversary of My Mother’s Appearance at Fatima, Portugal, has arrived – is this something to celebrate? No, No, My children – as the Church has not obeyed My Mother to Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. So now Her prophetic Words will unfold, where Russia will be used by God to whip and scourge mankind – where men will reap what they have sown. Nations will be annihilated – the Seat of Peter overthrown, where Communism, Atheism and men enslaved to an ideology foreign to God’s Law.”

“The Great War stands at your door and all types of calamities of nature and the weakness of man’s decisions will be made. Nature itself will revolt against ungrateful men. Sin will be witnessed publicly – in the open to all mankind, without shame. People will revel in madness and rebel against God and cause much suffering to the children of God, so that the entrance of Satan in his son – the Antichrist – can manifest himself in all of his glory in the face of God, calling mankind to worship the Beast.”

“All the destruction you see in the world will only increase, until men recognise their sinfulness and bend their knees.”

“Children of My Heart, you have nothing to fear, as the Angels stand beside you. Trust and know that Heaven loves you.”

“Very great earthquakes will be seen, dividing lands and continents. Volcanos will erupt in many parts of the world, taking many lives with them. The Seas will roar and flood the land. Heavy rains will come and many large fires – all of this, to show the world that they must stop now before it is too late.”

“Return back to a more simplified life, My children. Technology is gripping the hearts of most of the known Western World, making human beings into zombies of brainless people. Men are being indoctrinated into a false security of themselves.”

“Technology has been [like a] god in the lives of many of Our children. I ask you, children, who is subservient to whom? Think about it – you are slaves to technology. The children have become addictive, replacing simple pleasures of healthy living with a computerized world, where no energy health-living is required.”

“Remove yourselves from your own enslavement. And who is behind this, My children? Not only Satan, but the Globalists, the Elite and Secret Societies, who work to control humanity, to hand over the world to the Antichrist – your enemy.”

“Pull yourselves out of this web, as it will only bring destruction to your souls – your Eternal Life with Me. Turn to Me now, sweet children. I still await you. Turn to prayers and lift your hearts and minds to goodness, wholesome deeds and action. Live the Beatitudes – forgive your brothers and come to Me, your loving Jesus. The Angels are waiting on My Command.”

“I Love you as a Father can. I send you My Blessings and Peace: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And to you, My Angel of Divine Love: Continue on your path. All will turn good – trust and continue to offer all. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.




Putin Accuses Pope Francis of ‘Not Worshiping the God of the Bible’

13 August 2017

[See website: http://www.truthandaction.org/putin-accuses-pope-francis-of-not-worshiping-the-god-of-the-bible/2/]

Vladimir Putin believes Pope Francis is an imposter who is not qualified to be sitting in his position of theological grounds. That he is not a Christian. And this is apparent to anyone with the “the eyes to see and the ears to hear”. Putin doesn’t hold back.

To be a legitimate pope, one must be “bishop of Rome,” and prior to becoming a bishop, one must be a priest. Jorge Bergoglio was not ordained (1969) in the traSouditional [traditional] Apostolic ordination rite of the Church, nor was he consecrated (1992) as a true bishop in that rite. His predecessor, Benedict XVI, was, likewise, not consecrated in the traditional rite although he was ordained as a priest under the “old rite.”

Simply put: Jorge Bergoglio is just a layman masquerading as a pope as are all of the other priests and bishops which were given Holy Orders under the new rites which came into effect in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Anti-Council (1962-65).

Pope Francis or Jorge Bergoglio, isn’t just a hippy new-age “all people worship the same God” flake of a Pope. He is using his platform to promote a socialist new world order. And let us not forget the overlooked pedophilia crises being hidden by this so-called man of God.

On the contrary, Francis has encouraged perversion with his now infamous statement of “who am I to judge.”

What type of a man says this in response to the rape of innocent children? And therein you have your answer as to who this masquerading so-called “pope” really is.

We are all tasked with living our own lives under the moral code of the universe and our higher power. And Pope Francis or Jorge Bergoglio, you will indeed be judged one day for failing to provide justice to those daring to assault and attack the innocent children. There is a reason he is working to create a new world order for himself, his friends and all their globalist associates. But, judgment will await either in this world or the next.






Russia advises of an Emergency Test: 40 million people to test the emergency bunker system

Message to the Little Pebble from the Mother of God


Our Lady comes on the evening of 3rd October 2016


Our Holy Mother came last night as Our Lady of the Rosary, Mediatrix of All Grace and Queen of the Universe. Our Holy Mother was standing on the Moon with the Sun behind Her back and the Planets forming a semi-circle around Her with millions of Angels. Our Lady wore a white dress; She has on a Crown and stars around Her Head. Our Lady wears a golden blue girdle and a blue cape with stars on it. She is holding a Rosary made of stars, which are glittering.

Our Holy Mother greeted me and She said:

OUR LADY: “My Son, Angel of Divine Love: I have come to tell mankind the first 5 Seals of the Apocalypse will now be opened. We are to trust in God.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: The Angels held the parts of the Seal in their hands.

At Mass yesterday, Sunday, the Church was full of Angels and all shouted: “We await Your Command, the Lord Most High, so that we can issue Your Justice and protect Your children!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus then came to one of the “Raindrops” and said, concerning the Asteroid:

OUR LORD: “But know this, that all is in the Hands of My Father Who knows His children and grants them these small extensions, in the hope that they will turn towards Him. Many do, but then fall away when He grants them time to put their house in order. But this time is running out and all will progress accordingly. Each will have to meet Us during the Warning and none can say they were not warned, so could not be prepared.”


Car sized Asteroid …

From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 4 October 2016

To: William Costellia

Subject: NASA just announced “car sized” asteroid approaching earth (say will “miss”, but close)

Dear William,

Just breaking news: a few hours ago NASA/JPL just alerted that a “car sized” asteroid will pass 69,192 miles from earth (0.3 LD).

The announcement came Oct 3 (detected Oct 2 – calculations run – then announced early Oct 3). The asteroid will pass Oct 3. Literally little warning.


The uncertainty of the calculations to this 69,192 mile “near pass” is 5 (Condition code: 0 being the highest accuracy and 9 being the highest uncertainty in knowing the trajectory path).


The incoming trajectory of the asteroid is just below the horizon before sunrise.



40 Million Russians …

From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 4 October 2016

To: William Costellia

Subject: 40 million Russians heading to bunkers Oct 4 to Oct 7 for “drill”

Credible source shows news print to back up this story.

The Russians would be fully aware of the incoming threat on the Asteroid.

Could be just coincidence.



Bright Star like object …

From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 4 October 2016

To: William Costellia

Subject: Just 2 hours ago (8:20 PDT) a bright star like object just below the sun filmed

Dear William,

I’m working to sort this out. However, this is important enough to consider what may be causing this form of an “early bright star” that is very near the sun.

The Nibiru channel posted this about 30 minutes ago. If it is related to an incoming object with a debris field, then there should be a separation distance developing away from the sun.

This separation distance would give people a clear observation of a “bright star” – per the warning message.

The separation distance would come from a trajectory change, and a debris field widening as it gets closer to Earth IF IT IS NOT AN ARTIFACT (i.e. would be a false alarm).



Runaway Chinese Satellite? …

Subject: Was mystery fireball over Britain a runaway Chinese satellite?


Letter to President Vladimir Putin – 20 August 2016


[To all who view this post, please try to get this letter into the hands of President Vladimir Putin. Some of you may have the means to do this — please entrust this letter to him. Thank you. May Jesus Bless + all who read these words]

20th August 2016

President Vladimir Putin,

Krasnopresnenskaya nab2

The White House


Most Honourable President Vladimir Putin,

My name is William John Costellia. I am a Catholic Visionary and have been receiving Messages from Jesus and Mary since 1967. I have been persecuted by the Church since 1984. In 1985, I met Pope John Paul II in a private audience and in 2005 I was wrongfully imprisoned. In the last few days Jesus asked me to write to you and tell you the following:

He loves you and the people of Russia very much. He calls you the ‘King of the North of the Book of Revelation and the Old Testament’ – like Cyrus of Old. You are like the Leader of the Old Testament used by God to test His people.

The Word of Jesus is this: He will use the Kingdom of Russia to cleanse the Kingdoms of the West, but says the ideologies of Communism are not pleasing to God, as they represent Atheistic manifestations of doctrines against God’s children. Remember your heritage of Christology, of Holy Mother Russia and change your country to this Glorious foundation Stone.

Do not think that God supports the Democracy of Capitalism, as this offends God also. The morality of the World’s Democratic Nation’s Ideologies were once built upon Christian values, but now have sold their Nations to Satan and his idolatries.

Your Nation is upon a journey to invade the West – Europe especially – to take over the Vatican. Do not proceed upon this path, as this will bring the Great War.

Jesus asks that you write to Pope Benedict, to enact the Global Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as requested by Our Lady of Fatima. Our Lord asks this of Pope Benedict, as he is the legitimate true Pope. Francis was not canonically elected and Benedict was usurped.

China is your ally and is planning to attack and invade all of Asia and the United States of America. You should not support this, as America will fall and China will turn on Russia.

Russia must stay out of the Middle East’s plans to invade Israel, as great sorrows will meet all those involved in such endeavours. The U.S.A. will fall, but will rise again to help your Nation, as once China turns against you, you will seek help.

Holy Mother Russia must turn to Christ and shake off the sins of Atheistic Communism. Then once China has been overcome, it will be converted to Christianity.

Jesus asks, President Putin, that you be careful, as the Antichrist lives and desires to take over your Nation, to bring forth the Great War. Understand that the Bilderberg family, the Russian Mafia and the Freemasons – with many Secret Societies – are well entrenched in your Government, who are a controlling force to bring your country into war. Therefore, you must turn to God, for only He can change matters.

Should you not receive help from the Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church to Consecrate Holy Mother Russia, you are to ask the Holy Russian Orthodox Patriarch, with all Bishops and Priests – uniting all Christians – to Consecrate Russia to His Holy Mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart, for this will mitigate the Great Trials that will enter the world.

Jesus then Blessed you and the people of Russia and all His children who seek peace.

I remain God’s Servant and will pray for you and your people.

God Bless you.

William Costellia




NO. 740

Also Messages from 3rd & 5th August 2016

Whoever is tested, is tested because he or she is on the right path. Whoever is never tested, should worry and sincerely look around upon what path is he or she walking. [Luz de Maria 17 July, 2016]

The timing of the Warning has been set – The Third World War in its terrible consequences, will now begin – Destruction of the Golden Dome; invasion of Israel; Nuclear destruction of Iran and the major war in the Middle East; Invasion of Europe by Russia – The Warning will come and enlighten mankind. The Antichrist will be struck dumb for some time – Short Reign of Peace before the final stage of the cleansing of the world.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I asked Our Lord about the Message from ‘Still Small Voice’ – about the extended time of the Third World War, at its climax – as I believed that she did not understand its meaning correctly.

[See Still Small Voice YouTube video]

As I woke this morning Jesus came and said:

OUR LORD: “What you had perceived, is correct. My Words to ‘Little Voice’ were correct, but misunderstood. The Warning has not been changed to an extended time, as the timing of the Warning has been set – nor has there been an extension of time. However, what has been extended is the severity of the Great Third World War. The final stage of this war, which will culminate with the full arsenal of the weapons of mass destruction of the Nuclear Warheads, will be triggered at the very end – with the coming of the final Comet that will hit the world, causing the three last Days of Darkness – where all evil will perish. Then I will come at My Second Coming, where all men marked with the Sign of My Redemption, will be raptured – will meet me in the clouds in physical form – and once the world has been cleansed, men will be returned to Earth.”

“However, the Third World War in its terrible consequences, will now begin. Already, the elite families and their Secret Societies, led secretly by the Antichrist, have prepared their armies for the Third World War, so as to destroy many of God’s children, to reduce the populace of the world. This will start with the destruction of the Golden Dome, the attack and invasion of Israel, the nuclear destruction of Iran and the major war in the Middle East; the invasion of Europe by Russia; the attack from China in the Region of Asia and the attack and invasion of the U.S.A. by Communism. This, plus all the many natural chastisements I and My Most Holy Mother have warned you about, over many decades of your Earth time.”

“However, this will be shortened for the sake of the elect, as the Antichrist will emerge as a saviour to the Human Race and stop the war, bring his false peace and bring a new alliance between the enemies of Israel and Israel. It is in these times that the Warning will come and enlighten mankind. The Antichrist will be struck dumb for some time and the world will have time to be evangelised once again, before the last woes of the world begin, as the Antichrist with the Scientists will say the Warning was a natural phenomenon and, as you can see, the world continues as before.”

“Then the Antichrist will persecute the Christians and establish in full, the One World Government and his One World Religion, as there will be no Pope in Rome. He, the Antichrist, will sit upon the Throne of Peter and declare himself as High Pontiff and the Messiah returned.”

“So the three years extended by the ‘Little Voice’ means that the main part of the Third World War will not occur until the very end of this time given to man. So, My children, do not become complacent. All that was prophesied will come to pass, swiftly and the time after the Warning will be like a Short Reign of Peace, so that men will have time to learn about God’s Saving Grace of Redemption given to each soul as their mind, conscience and soul will be illuminated to the truth of why God Created man and what their glorious inheritance will be, once they turn to God’s Love and Forgiveness.”

“This Reign of Peace will last but a short time, before the final stage of the cleansing of the world.”

“Is it now clear, My son and My beloved children, the extension of time is not as it may be perceived, but rather that the major chastisement of this evil war, will be within these three years and this will give all men a sign as to when approximately I will truly Return to the world in My Second Coming, in the clouds, as I Ascended so many centuries ago.”

“Be not discouraged, My children. Know that I, Jesus Christ, the Eternal Messiah, love you and have sent you My Most Holy Mother, with the Heavenly Hosts – led by St Michael, the Great Commander in Chief – to protect you and watch over you with Our Love.”

“Go in Peace, My precious son, My Angel of Divine Love, whom I will send to help My scattered sheep once the Great Warning has passed.”

“I Bless you and all My beloved sheep: In the Name of the Father and of the Son an of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

5th August 2016

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus came to me during the night and told me that I would remember His Words, once I woke up again.

Jesus explained to me about sin – about the effects of games technology on the Internet, on iPads and mobile phones – about the movies that contained violence and explicit sensual expressions and how that affects man, without man realizing it. Thus making man become de-sensitive to sin and man’s true needs of self-awareness and a disciplined control of oneself – very complacent to the sign of the times and God’s Warnings.

Jesus said that on the surface of what would seem “harmless entertainments”, it influences the soul and makes the soul vulnerable, which causes the soul to suffer. At first it is not recognizable, but as time goes on and man becomes abused by the instrumentality of these technologies, the body actually becomes affected. The body becomes lethargic and mental stability becomes over active and brings actions, like violence, sexuality, lust and unhealthy sexual expressions and activities. The body starts to manifest illnesses of various kinds.

There is always an important factor of life and that is “moderation in all things” and a balanced life. There is no harm in games (referring to technical games on iPads, phone, Nintendo). They are only games which have no consequences, but the addition to these games, especially relating to sexual exploits and violence, leads to grave sins and in the end, draws man away from God and leads men to abuse each other on various levels.

Jesus calls mankind – especially parents – to check on their children, as to what games they are using on their technical implements and the same applies to all adults, to be more alert to all that we watch on television, the Internet and other manner of communications, so as to not to be trapped by Satan, to be weakened by external influences.

Jesus told me, that prayer is the “great weapon” of God and the Blessed Mother, to overcome all man’s ills.

Previous to this, Jesus told me that Terrorists are going to attack the Vatican and destroy some major monument.

3rd August, 2016

Jesus came very early in the morning and told me these things:

When the Abomination is manifested in St Peter’s and the Antichrist sits upon the Throne of Peter, all the Eucharists around the world will bleed Blood and lift up to Heaven. Christ’s Presence will then be removed from every Eucharist that exists in the world, except those of the Faithful Priests of His Church.

Jesus will remove all Priestly faculties from the Priesthood that have aligned themselves with the Antichrist.

And as a Sign of Jesus’ Second Coming – just before He returns – all Eucharists will fly to Heaven to meet Him, as One with Him as God in the Trinity. This will occur just prior to the Three Days of Darkness, when the Comet Wormwood, will hit the Earth.

William John Costellia





A Call to Consecrate Russia to Mary on 8 September 2016




19TH JULY 2016

To the Bishops, Priests and Members of the Order of St Charbel and all the children of God, who believe in the various Apparition Places around the world and many Seers, Prophets and Visionaries:

I invite you to a very special gift we wish to share with you and ask that you unite with me on the8th September 2016, to celebrate Our Holy Mother’s Birthday, by Consecrating Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, as the Church has not as yet done this. If you can please ask the Bishops and Priests of your Parish to do the same and if possible, write to Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, to do the same.

A few days ago I asked a Seer, Little Rain Drop, to ask Jesus if we could do this, as Russia is about to fulfil Our Lady’s Prophecy – that Russia would spread its errors (Communism) around the world, if the Consecration is not done.

I learnt that the Miracle of Fatima, which occurred on the 13th October, 1917 at 1 pm, is the same hour Jesus died. So I would like the Consecration done at the same hour and time e.g.:

3 pm Jerusalem is 1 pm Portugal

2 pm Paris, France

10 pm Sydney, Australia

8 am New York, U.S.A. Eastern Coast and

5 am on the West Coast of the U.S.A.

9 am Brazil, South America

I would request a Mass to be said and Our Holy Mother Crowned with our Consecration.

Jesus answered:

JESUS“It is very pleasing to Myself and especially My Mother. It will not have the effect of the Conversion of Russia, or stopping Communism, but many Graces will be poured out to the children of God. It will have ramification to those who do not believe in, or hate God. If it goes as you plan, it can halt many of Satan’s plans, that are in the works to happen soon.”

“Go in peace, My daughter. My Love to My children.”

And to add to this answer, it has come to my notice that the Great Miracle of Garabandal will be next year on Maundy Thursday, in April, on the Feast of a Spanish Martyr of the Eucharist, Prince Hermenegild. So the Warning could be on the 28th December 2016, or during Holy Week in 2017 – which means the Third World War will come before then. The world money will collapse and the Church will go into schism and the Antichrist will make himself known.

Jesus, once again, confirmed all was possible now.

So, dear souls, let us unite as one big Army for Our Lady and Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. Remember next year is the 100th year of Her Apparitions at Fatima, Portugal. Sister Lucia, St. Francisco and St. Jacinta – Pray for us.

Attached to this is the Consecration to be used – or one you wish to use.

God Bless

William Costellia


The Immaculate Heart of MaryThe Immaculate Heart of Mary


Prostrate before Thy Throne of Grace, O Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, we intend to fulfil, inasmuch as it lies within our power, the request which Thou didst make when appearing to us at Fatima.

The abominable sins of the world, the persecutions directed against the Church of Jesus Christ and still more, the apostasy of nations and of Christian souls and the forgetfulness, of Thy Maternity of Grace by the greater part of mankind, overwhelms Thy Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, which is so united in its compassion to the sufferings of the Sacred Heart of Thy Divine Son.

That so many crimes might be atoned for, Thou didst ask for the establishment of the devotion of reparation to Thy Immaculate Heart and, in order to hold back the scourges of God, which Thou hast foretold, Thou hast made Thyself the Messenger of the Most High, requiring of the Vicar of Christ, in union with all the Bishops of the world, the Consecration of Russia to Thy Immaculate Heart. Alas, the Message has not yet been heeded.

That is why we desire to anticipate the happy day on which the Sovereign Pontiff will finally accede to the request of Thy Divine Son. Without attributing to ourselves an authority which we do not possess, but penetrated with the solicitude for the lot of the entire Church, by a humble supplication addressed to Thy Immaculate Heart and united to the faithful Bishops, Priests and faithful, we have resolved to comply for our part with the wishes of Heaven.

Deign therefore, O Mother of God, to accept first of all the solemn act of reparation, which we present to Thy Immaculate Heart for all the offenses by which, with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, It is assailed on the part of sinners and the wicked.

Secondly, as much as it is within our power, we give, deliver and Consecrate Russia to Thy Immaculate Heart. We beseech Thee, in Thy Maternal Mercy to take this nation under Thy Maternal protection, to make of her Thy domain, where Thou reignest as Queen, to make this land of persecutions a land of election and benediction. We implore Thee to render this nation so submissive unto Thee that, converted from her legalized godlessness, she might become a new kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ and a new inheritance for His gentle sceptre. May she moreover, having returned from her schism of old, enter anew the unity of the One Sheepfold of the Eternal Shepherd and thus submitted to the Vicar of Thy Son, may she become an ardent apostle of the Social Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ over all the nations of the Earth.

Likewise, we implore Thee, O Mother of Mercy, by this manifest miracle of Thy all-powerful intercession, to make known to the world the truth of Thy universal mediation of Grace. Deign, O Queen of Peace, to bring to the world that peace which the world cannot give: peace of arms and peace of souls; the Peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ and the Kingdom of Christ through the reign of Thy Immaculate Heart, O Mary. Amen.

A magyar fordítás:
Felhívás Oroszország felajánlására Szűz Mária Szeplőtelen Szívének 2016 szeptember 8-án
A püspököknek,a papoknak,a Szent Charbel Rend tagjainak,Isten minden gyermekének.akik a világban történő  különböző jelenésekben hisznek és a látnokoknak, prófétáknak
Meghívlak benneteket egy különleges ajándékra,amelyet szeretnénk megosztani veletek és kérlek benneteket, egyesüljetek velem 2016.szeptember 8-án, hogy együtt ünnepeljünk Égi Édesanyánk születésnapját Oroszország felajánlásával az Ő szeplőtelen Szívének, mivel az Egyházban ezt még nem tették meg (úgy, ahogy Ő kérte).
Ha lehetséges, szóljatokegyházmegyétek püspökeinek, papjainak,hogy ezt ők is tegyék meg ekkor,amennyiben ez lehetséges, és írjátok meg XVI.Benedek pápának, Ferenc pápának, hogy ezt ők is tegyék meg.
Néhány nappal ezelőtt megkértem egy látnokot, Little Rain Dropot, kérdezze meg Jézust, hogy ha mi ezt megtesszük, a felajánlást, akkor megtörténik-e az, ami a Szent Szűz által Oroszországgal kapcsolatban prófétálva lett- , hogy ha nem történik meg a felajánlás, Oroszország elterjeszti tévtanait, terrorját ( a kommunizmust) az egész világon.
Úgy tudom, hogy a Fatimai Csoda, ami 1917-október 13-án  délután 1 órakor( Portugáliában) történt, ugyanaz az óra, mint amikor Jézus meghalt.
Ezért én szeretném ezt a felajánlást ugyanebben az órában megtenni.
Ez az idő 
Jeruzsálemben du.3 óra
Portugáliában du.1 óra
Párizsban du.2 óra
Sidneyben este 10 óra
az USA-ban a keleti parton de.8 óra
a nyugati parton reggel 5 óra
Braziliában de. 9 óra.
Azt szeretném,ha Égi Édesanyánkmegkoronázása  a felajánlással egy mise keretében történne.
Jézus válasza:
Ez nagyon kedves Nekem és főleg  az Én  Édesanyámnak.
Ez nem lesz hatással Oroszország átalakítására/ átalakulására és nem fogja megállítani a kommunizmus terjedését, de sok kegyelem fog áradni Isten gyermekeire.
Ez egy elágazás/választás  lesz azoknak,akik nem hisznek vagy gyűlölik Istent.
Ha ez megtörténik,úgy, ahogy ezt ti tervezitek, az a Sátán sok tervét megállíthatja,amelyeken most munkálkodik, hogy hamarosan megtörténjenek.
Menj békével leányom!   Szeretetem küldöm gyermekeimnek. 
Hozzáadván még ehhez a válaszhoz, úgy értesültem, hogy a Nagy Csoda Garabandálban jövő évben Nagycsütörtökön , áprilisban lesz , az Oltáriszentség spanyol vértanújának ,Hermenegild hercegnek napján .
Ezért lehetséges, hogy a Nagyfigyelmeztetés 2016 december 28- a és 2017 Nagyhétje között lesz, ami azt jelenti, hogy a Harmadik Világháborúnak előtte kell megtörténnie.
A világ pénzügyi összeomlása be fog következni, az Egyházszakadás is és az Antikrisztus ismertté teszi magát.
Jézus újra megerősítette, hogy mindez lehetséges lesz most.
Tehát kedves imádkozó lelkek, egyesüljünk, mint a Szűzanya Nagy  Hadserege,és ajánljuk fel Oroszországot az Ő Szeplőtelen Szívének!
Emlékezzünk, jövőre lesz a 100. évfordulója a Fatimai Jelenéseknek, Portugáliában.
Lúcia nővér, Szent Francisco, Szent Jácinta- imádkozzatok értünk!
Csatolom a felajánlás szövegét, vagy amilyet használni szeretnétek.
Az Isten áldjon mindenkit!
William Costellia
 Megjegyzés a fentiekhez:
A felajánlás szövege nincs lefordítva.
 Mindenki kérje a Megkülönböztetés Lelkét, mielőtt bárkinek tovább küldi vagy tovább adja!!!! 
Az időpont (2016  dec 28-a - 2017 Nagyhét) - emberi számítás( és a garanandáli prófécia figyelembevétele) az alapján, hogy mikor lesz Szent Hermenegild ünnepe.
Van ilyen szent,   és valóban az volt a próféciákban, hogy a Nagy Csoda az Oltáriszentség egy kevésbé ismert vértanújának napján lesz .
Előtte pedig a Nagyfigyelmeztetés,keresztényüldözés,egyházszakadás háború... - Ha figyelitek a híreket, láthatjátok, ezek hamarosan megtörténnek.
Minden esetre, nem baj, ha tudjuk, van egy ilyen lehetséges sorrendje is az eseményeknek.
Minden Isten kezében van, csak Ő tudja a napot és az órát, de a haladék hamarosan lejár.
"Akinek füle van , hallja meg!"
Készüljetek és imádkozzatok!






Április 13.
*Hispánia, 550 körül. +Tarragona, 585. április 13.

Vannak olyan mártírok, kiknek vértanúsága egyszerű, világos modellnek felel meg: egy istenellenes, ,,gonosz'' hatalom valamilyen módon kiprovokálja Krisztus szolgáinak hitvallását, hogy azután többé-kevésbé válogatott kegyetlenséggel megbüntesse ezt a hitvallást. Szent Polikárp (lásd: A szentek élete,108. o.) püspök, továbbá a nemes szűz, Szent Ágnes (lásd: A szentek élete, 52. o.) ilyen ,,klasszikus'' mártír. Másokban viszont a hit megvallásához olyan személyes és környezeti adottságok társulnak, amelyek elhomályosítják, sőt olykor a felismerhetetlenségig el is takarják azt. Az ilyen jellegű vértanúságokat nagyon jól ismerjük manapság; megvoltak azonban már a korai évszázadokban is. Közéjük tartozik Hermenegild is, bár mártír címét hivatalosan csak halála után ezer évvel ismerte el az Egyház.

Hermenegild a 6. század közepén született. Apja a nyugati gótok hatalmas királya, Leovigild volt, aki a svéveken és a keletrómaiakon aratott több győzelme után Hispánia uralkodója lett. Országán belül is megszilárdította helyzetét a hatalomra törő nemességgel szemben. A szomszédos frankokkal házassággal biztosított jó viszonyt: a fiának, Hermenegildnek megkérte és megkapta Ingundis királylány kezét. Az ifjú asszony azonban katolikus volt, és az ariánus nyugati gót királyi udvarban csaknem ellenséges légkör vette körül. Úgy látszik, mindenekelőtt Goeswintha, Leovigild második hitvese követett el mindent, hogy menye romlását okozza. Ingundis azonban szilárd maradt, Hermenegild pedig védelmezőn állt asszonya mellé.

Leovigild bizonyára helyesnek tartotta az ifjú pár királyi udvartól való elválását, és átadta Hermenegildnek a helytartóságot birodalma egy részében, Sevilla fővárossal. Ott azután Ingundis hatalmas pártfogóra talált Szent Leander (lásd: 119. o.) püspökben és hatásukra Hermenegild 580-ban katolikus lett. Leovigild felismerte, hogy a királyi ház vallási megoszlása nemcsak belpolitikai feszültséget hozna magával, hanem beláthatatlan nehézséggel járhatna kifelé is. Követelte fiától, hogy térjen vissza az ariánizmusra. Ekkor Hermenegild felvette a királyi címet, érmet veretett a saját nevével, és maga köré gyűjtött mindenkit, aki nem jó érzülettel viseltetett Leovigild uralma iránt, elsősorban a katolikus nemességet. A katolikus nyugati gótoknak ez az önmagában kis csapata könnyen talált szövetségesekre az ország határain túl. A svévek Miro király vezetésével már mintegy húsz év óta katolikusok voltak, a keletrómaiak pedig régebb óta. Mindenekelőtt Leovigildtől elszenvedett vereségük hajtotta őket a lázadó fiú táborába.

A király viszonzásul először is az ország hierarchiájára mért csapással válaszolt. Száműzte azokat a püspököket, akiket felelősnek tartott Hermenegild ,,lázadásáért'' és javaikat elkobozta. Messzemenő vallási engedményeket tett az ariánussá lett katolikusoknak. Utána nyílt harcra került sor. A diplomáciában és a hadvezetésben Leovigild volt a jártasabb; az ellenállás megtört. Hermenegildet elárulták, foglyul ejtették, és megfosztották királyságától, de kapott egy lehetőséget élete megtartására: ha kész arra, hogy apja hatalmának való alávetettségét az ariánizmusra történő visszatérésével bizonyítja, szabad lesz. Bizonyára Leovigild politikai indítékai álltak itt előtérben. Hermenegild számára azonban elérkezett hite megvédésének ideje, s ő állhatatos maradt. Miután halálra ítélték, hosszú, kínos fogságot kellett még kiállnia. Apja egy ariánus püspököt küldött hozzá, hogy megáldoztassa. Az Eucharisztiáról hónapok óta lemondani kényszerülő halálraítéltben erős kísértés ébredt, de felismerte a ravaszul szőtt hálót, és nem engedett a kísértésnek. Feldühödött apja ekkor 585. április 13-án, nagyszombaton lefejeztette.

,,Ha a búzaszem nem hull a földbe, és nem hal el, egymaga marad, de ha elhal, sok termést hoz.'' (Jn 12, 24) A Szentírás eme igéjének gyors beteljesedése már Nagy Szent Gergelyt (lásd: A szentek élete, 511. o.) is bámulatba ejtette, aki Dialógusaiban Leander püspök közlése alapján írta le Hermenegild vértanúságát. Röviddel Hermenegild halála után testvére, Rekkared vette át az uralmat a nyugati gótok birodalmában. Ő is katolikussá lett, és rövid idő alatt az igaz hitre vezette népét. A nemzet és vallás egysége, amelyért Leovigild megölte fiát, abban a hitben valósult meg, amelyért a fiú feláldozta magát.

Hermenegild emléke apja politikai és testvére egyházi sikere mögött háttérbe került, talán éppen azért, mert kortársai még nálunk is kevésbé tudták kibogozni a politikai és vallási problémák szövevényét, melyek halálához vezettek. Ma mégis úgy tekintik Hermenegildet, mint a katolikus Spanyolország nagy patrónusainak egyikét.





NO. 739

Men have forgotten My visitations at Garabandal with My urgent Message given to the world, so many years ago – China is about to make a very serious move against the free nations – There is a huge star getting closer to your Solar System; men will be astounded – Great Danger looms in Europe – Britain will not go well for leaving the European Union; more pain and division and Britain itself will divide – Bloodshed and Martial Law in the U.S.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I felt Our Lady’s Presence coming, even though She was not here. I began to pray the Rosary and I saw a White Cross in the sky, with the Solar System behind it and I noticed a very large star in the distance – it was very bright.

I see roses drop from Heaven and fall upon the Earth and a Sea from the Cross to me. I see great Saint Michael parting the Sea – like Moses did – but the Sea has many roses bobbing up and down. Saint Michael is leading the way for Our Lady.

I see my beautiful Guardian Angel kneel down, as Our Lady enters my apartment over the statue. I see Our Holy Mother at the age of 14 to 15. She is so beautiful. She comes as Our Lady of Mt Carmel of Garabandal, wearing a Scapular – like a dress. She wears a thin veil over Her Head and I see Mary Loli of Garabandal near Her and a Priest that died at Garabandal, Father Luis Marie Andreu and Joe Lomangino. All are smiling. Our Holy Mother is holding a sunflower in Her right Hand, wrapped with a beautiful blue Rosary and Mary Loli is holding a bunch of violets with a Rosary of the Unborn in her hand.

OUR LADY“Greetings, My precious son of Light, My Angel of Divine Love! I come on an urgent errand today, because men have forgotten My visitations at Garabandal, with My urgent Message given to the world, so many years ago. Men have forgotten the Great Warning words of Our Warrior, Saint Michael.

“I have brought with Me one of My daughters, whom I appeared to – Loli.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Loli steps forward and says:

LOLI: “I am privileged by the Queen of Heaven and Earth to speak to you now. It is most urgent that the Messages Heaven gave to us children, so many years ago, be read again and acted upon, as the world is in great danger.”

“My sister in Jesus, Conchita, must now speak once again, of the Messages given at Garabandal – urgently – as all they contained, is about to come to pass.”

Love from Loli

OUR LADY“My child William, please make My Message known.”

“My children must pray very hard, because China is about to make a very serious move against the free nations, unless men pray. My holy servant, My Priest-son, who died of joy at Garabandal: An event will be seen shortly concerning him at My Holy Place. I call all children of the world to once again form many pilgrimages to My Holy Shrines, so that many souls will turn back to God. Pray My Holy Rosary, children – its power can change the course of the world.”

“As you saw in vision, My son, there is a huge star, noticed by the Astronomers and Authorities. It is getting closer to your Solar System – men will be astounded.”

“Watch and pray, My children – watch the events surrounding the Sun and the Moon – for many changes will come on Earth, as the Solar System changes in its orbit.”

“I send to you many Graces, My children. Be not afraid, but trust always in God’s Mercy and Love and call on Saint Michael’s Protection. The Legions of Heaven are with you and many of your families and friends who have passed away, are by your side helping you.”

“Pray for Europe as great danger looms there, with many more attempts of terrorism which will stalk the nations and Russia will flex its muscles, to bring disquiet upon the nations. Nature will continue to thrash the nations, because of much sin.”

“The Church in Rome will continue to go further into darkness, as mankind has replaced God with self. Pray for My Servants – the Priests – for their trials will soon come, as the Church truly begins to divide.”

“The matter of Britain will not go well, for leaving the United Europe [European Union] at this time, will bring only more pain and division and Britain itself will divide.”

“Pray for the United States of America, for much more blood will be shed and martial Law will be enacted, as white and black will go into a great conflict. The nation will be divided and the call for help will be given by the countries of Indo China, as a major conflict erupts and America becomes helpless.”

“The time is here, My children, where men must turn to God, while there is still time.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Saint Michael cries out:


LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lady smiles and places the flower and Rosary on the table, as does Loli.

OUR LADY“I Bless you My son – take courage, as I am always with you. Continue on the path We have placed you upon. You will triumph, when God gives the sign. I Bless all of Our children around the world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Peace, My children, Peace! Pray, My children – pray and be not afraid. Remember Me always –

“Your Heavenly Queen and Mother of the Holy Rosary.”

(Please see this website for the Garabandal Messages)




Our Lady of the Ark, Mary our Mother, Help of Christians

Our Lady of the Ark, Mary our Mother, Help of Christians


7th October 1983 – No. 66

OUR LADY’S TITLE – “Concerning the Title I wish to be honoured under at the Spring and the Grotto was revealed to you by the Angels. I reveal it now to all: “Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians.”

ST JOSEPH’S SPRING – “Concerning the Spring – the waters have been Blessed by the Eternal Father for the purpose of body and spiritual cures. People are to drink it and bless themselves with it. They are to use it by making the Sign of the Cross on the affected part and invoke the Blessed Trinity and invoke Me under the Title just mentioned.”

“The Spring is to be dedicated to Saint Joseph and a statue is to be placed near it. You are to call the Spring ‘The Healing Waters of Saint Joseph’. The Grotto is to house a statue of Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians. There is to be placed a Stations of the Cross above the portion of land near the Grotto and it is to finish near the Spring.”

5th January 1984 – No. 71

MEDAL OF OUR LADY OF THE ARK – Our Lady: “I ask that you cast a Medal of My Image of Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians. Whoever wears this medal must invoke Me under this Title. Many will be cured and converted through this Medal of Grace.”

STATIONS OF THE CROSS ROSARY – Our lady: “…For those who say this prayer – The Stations of the Cross Rosary – 10,000 souls will e released out of Purgatory;, each time the prayer is said and 100 souls are saved and given the Grace to enter the Kingdom of Paradise.”

“My dear son William: I now reveal to you something which you have always wanted to know in reference to the Stations of the Cross Rosary. My Divine Son – through the Seer, Portavoz – never revealed to you how many souls would be released from Purgatory, through those who say this prayer -but so you understand the great power of this prayer, I reveal to you now – through the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus – this wonderful Grace. There are ten thousand souls released out of Purgatory, My son, each time this prayer is said – and with this, one hundred souls are saved and given the Grace to enter the Kingdom of Paradise. You see, My children, the Mercy of God has no end. He Loves you all so dearly, He embraces you with His Sacred Heart and Blesses you all from the Throne of the Kingdom of Light. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Ghost. Amen.”

2nd February 1984 – No. 2

HOUR OF GRACE – Special Promise – Our Lady: “I ask a special request of you, that you honour Me on the 13th of each month, that you pray and do penance and sacrifices on that day of love – honour Me under the Title of Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians.”

“For those who can, I ask that you say the Holy Rosary at 12noon on that day and if you invoke Me under this Title, I promise you that whatever Grace you ask of Me and of the Eternal father in that hour, invoking My Title, you will receive that Grace. This Title has great power in Heaven.”

15th April, 1984 – No. 8

SCAPULAR OF ATONEMENT – Our Lady: “I Bless all these Palms and Roses. Send them out to the world – they will be instrumental in cures and conversions.”

“…. another gift of Mercy. I offer the world a new Scapular: It is the Scapular of Atonement. It will be purple in colour. It will have a large Cross on the front with My Immaculate Heart placed on it and on the back the Ark with the Church on top. This, My child and My children, is another grace that Heaven offers you for the salvation of mankind. He who wears this Scapular will have the Grace to live in the Reign of Peace.

“… for those who wear this Scapular of Atonement will atone for all their sins. That is why it is called the Atonement Scapular. I Bless this Scapular, now, My child and My children, as I Bless all the different graces – different Sacramentals and Scapulars – that Heaven has given to mankind. I and My Divine Son, now Bless them: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

13th July 1984 – No. 14

MYSTERY OF HEAVEN – Assumption of St Joseph – Our Lady: “I wish to reveal to you a wonderful Mystery of Heaven. The Fathers of the Church have spoken about this over many centuries and it concerns the Assumption of St Joseph, My Spouse – also of My Mother and Father. They too, are body and soul in Heaven.”

15th August 1984 –No. 15

HELL IS CLOSED – Our Lady: God, the Eternal Father, has granted to man certain days of the year when Hell is closed: The Assumption, the Ascension and the 13th of the month.”

October 1986 – Private Home

18th May, 1985 – No. 29

SCAPULAR OF ST CHARBEL – Our Lady: “You are to produce another Scapular – a scapular of St Charbel. This Scapular will be a singular Scapular, to be worn on the chest of Our children. The cloth is to be black and the front-print will have Saint Charbel – only the bust – My dear child. Upon Saint Charbel’s chest you will place the initial, in white, “M” and through “M” will be “J”, for My Divine Son, Jesus Christ. In between the cloth and the print, My child, you will place a small amount of Saint Charbel Oil. You will dip a small portion of cotton into the Oil and wrap it with plastic and sew this in between the cloth and the print.”

“This cloth – this Sacramental – will cast out demons and hurl them back into the pit of damnation. Many people will be cured bodily and spiritually and many will be converted to the Faith. My children, you are to wear this Sacramental throughout the world. It is a powerful weapon against Lucifer in these last days of the ‘end of time’.”

“This Scapular will be worn not only by the Roman Catholic, but also by the Eastern Orthodox Churches. Through this Scapular the Eastern-Rite Church will come into the one fold. Many Protestant denominations throughout the world, will take this Scapular and come into the fold, as many souls will be cured through the power of this Scapular, given by the Eternal Father. This is part of the key, My child, that Saint Charbel spoke to you of: The key that will open up unity between the Christians throughout the world.”

31st May 1985 – No. 30

ROSARY NOVENA OF THE HOLY GHOST – Our Lady: “I come today, dear children, to bring another Prayer Novena of great power. This prayer is not one of days, but one for the rest of your lives. This Novena of prayers will enlighten your mind and heart. We will call it the Rosary Novena of the Holy Ghost. You are to say seven Rosaries each day in honour of the Holy Ghost. The Paraclete. There are seven great promises attached to this Rosary Novena.”

13th July 1985 – No. 33

ST CHARBEL HOUSE OF PRAYER – I seek 100,000 prayer groups throughout the world – Our Lady: “You, My child, are to form what We call Saint Charbel Houses of Peace, Unity and Reconciliation. You are to form these Houses of Prayer throughout the world to bring peace. For those who join you in forming these Prayer Houses, I and My Divine Son, the Infant Jesus, Saint Charbel, Saint Joseph, your Patron Saints and Angels will come to these homes at 8.00pm on the First Saturday of each month. We will come to bring Graces for cures and conversions in these homes.”

26th July 1986 – No. 96

HOLY WATER FOR NUCLEAR FALLOUT – Our Lady: “When the Nuclear Fallout falls upon the world – upon every nation – upon the rivers and the seas – upon your food – you are to water down the food that you eat; you are to place one drop of Holy Water in the water that you use and this will cleanse the contamination. If you do not listen and obey, you will have many diseases of the body.”

MEDICINE – HAWTHORN BUSH – Our Lady: “You are to grow them well and dry the leaves, for it will be needed by many of Our children throughout the world, for great healing power is in the leaf. Use the Sacramentals that I have given you throughout the ages and in particular, use the Saint Benedict Medal. Place the Medal also in the waters and all harm shall go away from the waters. For those who are cooking: Place one drop of the Oil of Saint Charbel in this oil and all will be protected.”

22nd December 1986 – 125

MEDICINE – HAWTHORN BUSH – For Flu Epidemic – Infant Jesus: “Concerning the Hawthorn Bush – it can be used in any form that has been made available. This too goes with the ginger and garlic to combat the influence of the flu, which will be deadly for many:

“Crush ½ large fresh garlic clove and several slices of fresh ginger root in a cup. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Pour in boiling water and let the mixture set for at least 5 minutes. Do not boil. We are to begin drinking this drink every day, about one hour before bed time. If one already has the symptoms, they are to drink a cup of this drink 3 times a day. A garlic pill or capsule may be substituted if one cannot take fresh garlic.”

6th January 1990 – No. 263

90 DAY COMMUNION NOVENA – Our Lord: “Many years ago I gave Great Promises for the salvation of children – the 90 Day Communion Novena. Many years later I reduced this to 30 days because of the shortness of time left to mankind. I am going to reduce this yet again so more souls will be saved: For each time Our children come to Holy Communion on the First Thursdays, first Fridays and first Saturdays of each month for three consecutive months, I will grant the salvation of ONE SOUL – a soul that you may name yourself.”

September 1990 – No. 301

MEDICINE – ST JOHN’S WORT TEA – To prevent and treat the Plague – Our lady: “As a preventative measure one is to drink St John‟s Wort tea. It must have been from the leaves of the plant without fruit and blossoms. One small swallow of tea during the day is sufficient to prevent the plague. If nausea and headache have already appeared, you must drink Ivory and Violet Tea, which also helps with chest pain and in the evening Yarrow Tea. At the same time you must pray : Father of Mercy!”

January 1991

FOOD LIST – for the Time of Tribulation – The Food List is for the survival of God‟s People during the time of tribulation. You will note that on these Lists, a Special Seal has been placed to indicate they have been Blessed by Jesus. The Lists are not permitted to be reproduced, sold, or handed out to any person at random. It is the direct Will of Jesus that these lists be given freely, only to those who ask.

It is suggested that you put aside the sort of food you normally eat and enough for two families to live for a period of three to six months. You should rotate the perishable items as you need them and replenish the items.

Our Lord has promised to multiply the food in the difficult times, so that there will always be something left on the shelves to eat. If you do not put food aside, then what you have will not be multiplied. It is necessary to store water.

4th December 1991

CHAPLET – OUR LADY OF THE ARK – Our Blessed Lord spoke to Hedgerose, Mystic & Stigmatist of Germany, regarding a new „test of faith‟ which will come very soon.

Our Lady: “This Rosary will be spread with the pictures of you and the present Pope. I will Bless all the pictures and everyone who prays the Rosary – with full belief – will enter the Ark of Salvation.”

21st January 1992 – No. 336

MEDAL OF GRACE – Souls in Purgatory & Limbo – The Eternal Father: “The Image that you see is the Image of the Triune God – the Image of how We operate through the Immaculate Heart of My Daughter, Mary the Immaculate – all Graces given on Earth through Her. On the back, dear child, are to be the Three Hearts of Jesus, Mary and St Joseph on a Cross. This will be the Medal of Grace for the Souls in Purgatory and those in Limbo. It will be through the Merits of My Divine Son and My beloved Daughter and St Joseph that these Graces can be obtained, by the offering of yourselves as victims for the souls in Purgatory and Limbo.“Those who wear this Medal shall obtain, each day, a release for a soul in Purgatory and Limbo. So take advantage of these Graces, for your salvation is then assured because of your faith and belief and trust in the Divine Providence of the Triune God.”

4th April 1992 – No. 359

GREAT MYSTERY – Our Lord’s Chalice – “This, My dear son, is what will be found soon. The directions you have already been given. There is a great Mystery behind My Chalice – for a Great Wonder shall be seen throughout the world through My Precious Chalice, which held My Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, for the Redemption of Man.”

13th June 1992 – No. 363

MEDAL OF PEACE – Strength in the times to come – Our Lady: “This Medal of Peace is to help My children when the times come, when My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, is no longer in the Tabernacles of your Churches. This Medal of Peace will strengthen Our children, because it is Graced by My Eucharistic Son.”

6th October, 1994

40 DAY MASS NOVENA – Our Lady: “My sweet Angel of Divine Love and Truth, through the Infinite Mercy of God and the shedding of the Precious Blood of My Divine Son, Jesus and through the Pure and Immaculate Blood and Tears of My Maternal Heart – the Triune God, through the mediation of My Immaculate Heart, has granted this very great Grace from God. Give thanks and praise to the Infinite Mercy of your God. The following Novena of Masses is to be strictly adhered to, in the state of Grace: A 40 day Novena of Masses attended – with the reception of My Divine Son – in the state of Grace – with the reception of the Sacrament of Penance at the beginning, with prayers for the Holy Father and Vicar of Christ – with the intention of gaining the daily Plenary Indulgence, which shall be communicated to the Holy Souls in Purgatory – the recitation of the Most Holy Rosary and the Litany of the Most Precious Blood – the Triune God will accord the following Graces:

• 40 Souls, not named, will be saved.

• 4 souls, named, will be given the Grace to be saved.

• 40 Souls will be released from every Level of Purgatory from the gained Indulgence of

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